I have always been told by people that my choices aren’t always the best and well according to me my choices are mine and its completely up to me to decide whether they are good or bad .I have a habit of choosing something different rather than choosing the same thing everyone does and hey, of course that has its drawbacks .

Now you must be wondering why the title is “mystery” .

I have always loved mysteries and whenever I read a book or watch a TV show on a mystery I can not get up until its solved .Sadly I can’t solve all the mysteries that I have come across.And this is one such mystery which I’ll never solve.

I just joined college a few months back and it was nice,I made friends and well everything was going pretty good.My boyfriend (now my ex)and I were trying out long distance .After a few days our classes started and I met a whole lot of new people .After the first class ended  we all were talking about how it was,what happened ,etc.And then I heard his name ,I didn’t say anything or ask anything but just silently whispered it to my self and smiled .

Classes went on ,friends came and went and everything was going cool but that name was still a mystery. I wanted to see who he was.Do you know what the funny part is? Nobody ever told me who he was ,I just saw him one day in the corridor and my intuition told me that this is your mystery guy.He wasn’t the type of guy you see every day,he was different.He was tall ,lean ,hot  amazing to look at but none of these things caught my attention ,as I saw him he looked at me for a second or maybe more ,he had such a guarded look,his eyes were so intense and his posture was like he was shielding himself from the world with his attitude or something  but all I could tell is that he was hiding so many things and I couldn’t look away,I was stunned .He finally looked away after what seemed like a lifetime to me .

I saw him a couple more times after that and I was still in awe of him and wanted so badly to solve the mystery behind him .After a few weeks I found out that he liked some girl ,and after another few weeks I heard he was a big flirt.My friends never understood, why him but I didn’t need them too.I stayed away because they warned me but no matter what people said I never looked away.

months passed I fell in love with someone else with no regrets at all.

Sometimes I wonder if I was in love ,or was it just attraction or maybe me being silly but all I’m certain about is that  he was my first crush in college and he’ll always be the mystery guy.

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