beauty as it is

In the present scenario the world is moving on form the phase where beauty just stood out in looks and what’s there to meet the eye.Now a days beauty is what is within and looking around ,seeing the way things are turning out to be, this change is something we all should be proud of.
Well of course everyone has their own way of looking at something,I mean why do we search for houses before buying one,to check it out ,to see how it looks and where is it.Its because we obviously want something that looks good and is of good quality but thats the sad part ,we humans aren’t that easy to analyze and judge on the basis of looks and other people’s judgment.There’s a whole lot to every single person other than what meets the eye and if we are considering to find a metaphor for who we are I would suggest to use a book.Just as they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover,the same way don’t judge a person by their looks.I am not trying to convince the people who think other wise but I’m just telling you from another perspective.The way you look at someone after you get to know them is far different from the way you look at them before you know them.Beauty has no definition and by saying that  itself is a definition of how vast beauty is.Don’t try to define beauty or fit into the definitions of beauty .Be who you are and let that make it’s own definition


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