worth it

Apologies are easy to say but hard to mean……telling someone that you are “SORRY”,isn’t that difficult but actually meaning it and saying it because you understand the pain you have actually caused the other person is as tough as it sounds.I have said and heard ,fake and real apologies and trust me there’s a huge difference in both of them.

Today I want to say sorry from the bottom of my hurt to the people who i have hurt ,the people who i ignore,the people who i torture for no reason

and lastly i want to say sorry to myself….sorry that I don’t get up in the morning just because I am too lazy too,sorry because I can’t stay awake to study but i can too watch movies,sorry because I can’t understand what is important and whats not ,sorry because i give up on everything just because I think my parents will always find me another way

I am so sorry for giving up on you before even realizing who you are.

It’s easy to say sorry to everyone but can you understand what it means to apologise to your self.

No matter what happens ,never give up……be who you are…….. and hey YOU …..trust me

you are worth it!!



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