let me go

“let me go” she whispered as her husband held her tightly

she pushed him into the shower and giggled as he gazed at her

“I’ll be back before you know it”he said before kissing her gently

she was the happiest a women could be

the way she danced into the kitchen could tell it all

as she poured a glass of wine for herself “tinging” rang something

after realizing it was her husbands phone she went to answer the phone

unknown number it read on the screen she noticed, as she swiped to answer

“hello” chirpedĀ  a voice

“where are you?” the voice further said

she forgot how to talk as the phone fell out of her hands

her husband came out after what seemed like days to her

he took one glance at the phone lying broken on the floor

and then he looked at her

his eyes full of guilt

“I can explain…….”he began to say as she got up

she scanned the room in a quick glance

picked up her purse and phone and headed straight for the door

thud went the door ,as she slammed it shut and ran out the door.

she couldn’t breathe,she couldn’t talk all she could do was run

her heart beat was beating so fast it could burst

she could feel the tears fall of her face aided by the rain droplets

there was no feeling,no sound,no pain

“honey,wait don’t…” he gasped as he caught up to her

heĀ  reached for her and put his arms around her

fighting with all her strength, she pushed her world away

and screamed