The Wall

Learning is not limited to the boundary of our class rooms.The brutal truth is that the real learning starts the moment you leave those boundaries.I am still limited to those walls and I have always looked forward to the day I could break free of them but now , the further away I am going from those walls make me realize, those walls have been protecting me for my whole life and in a few years they’re not going to be there.One day out of nowhere those walls will just disappear and no matter how excited I was to get rid of it a few years ago,today I would do anything to have more time with them.That wall is basically the protection spell that my parents and I am pretty sure a hell lot of other parents had cast on us as soon as we were born.The moment the spell wears off,we will be exposed to what is actually out there!!!So in a tiny nutshell all I’m trying to say is….when you have that wall around you….be thankful.

And when the time comes ,be prepared to cast your own spell or create your on wall on a the generation of kids.I guess,that’ll be loads of fun rite 😉

the wall.….<3

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