The Ugly Truth

I say I hate hypocrites but look at me now ,running away from my fairytale that I always wanted. That’s the sad part about life,you never really know what you want,not even when it’s right in front of you and saying hi.We assume we want something and go out looking for it but when reality hits us and leaves us breathless we have no words to say.

You shall never really know what you want and that’s human nature but knowing that it’s time to let go is life .

don’t hold on to something just because you’re afraid

a child must let go of his life vest to learn to swim and in the same way yo must let go to learn to live.


The Wall

Learning is not limited to the boundary of our class rooms.The brutal truth is that the real learning starts the moment you leave those boundaries.I am still limited to those walls and I have always looked forward to the day I could break free of them but now , the further away I am going from those walls make me realize, those walls have been protecting me for my whole life and in a few years they’re not going to be there.One day out of nowhere those walls will just disappear and no matter how excited I was to get rid of it a few years ago,today I would do anything to have more time with them.That wall is basically the protection spell that my parents and I am pretty sure a hell lot of other parents had cast on us as soon as we were born.The moment the spell wears off,we will be exposed to what is actually out there!!!So in a tiny nutshell all I’m trying to say is….when you have that wall around you….be thankful.

And when the time comes ,be prepared to cast your own spell or create your on wall on a the generation of kids.I guess,that’ll be loads of fun rite 😉

the wall.….<3

let me go

“let me go” she whispered as her husband held her tightly

she pushed him into the shower and giggled as he gazed at her

“I’ll be back before you know it”he said before kissing her gently

she was the happiest a women could be

the way she danced into the kitchen could tell it all

as she poured a glass of wine for herself “tinging” rang something

after realizing it was her husbands phone she went to answer the phone

unknown number it read on the screen she noticed, as she swiped to answer

“hello” chirped  a voice

“where are you?” the voice further said

she forgot how to talk as the phone fell out of her hands

her husband came out after what seemed like days to her

he took one glance at the phone lying broken on the floor

and then he looked at her

his eyes full of guilt

“I can explain…….”he began to say as she got up

she scanned the room in a quick glance

picked up her purse and phone and headed straight for the door

thud went the door ,as she slammed it shut and ran out the door.

she couldn’t breathe,she couldn’t talk all she could do was run

her heart beat was beating so fast it could burst

she could feel the tears fall of her face aided by the rain droplets

there was no feeling,no sound,no pain

“honey,wait don’t…” he gasped as he caught up to her

he  reached for her and put his arms around her

fighting with all her strength, she pushed her world away

and screamed





why do the people who think the most,do the least?

why do the people who spend their day in dreaming,achieve the least?

why do the people who smile the most,have sad stories to tell?

why do the people who kill are the very one’s who’ll do anything for their family?

Why do some of the most beautiful people have the ugliest heart’s?

why do the some of the not so good looking people have one of the most magical hearts?

why do we do what we  do?



worth it

Apologies are easy to say but hard to mean……telling someone that you are “SORRY”,isn’t that difficult but actually meaning it and saying it because you understand the pain you have actually caused the other person is as tough as it sounds.I have said and heard ,fake and real apologies and trust me there’s a huge difference in both of them.

Today I want to say sorry from the bottom of my hurt to the people who i have hurt ,the people who i ignore,the people who i torture for no reason

and lastly i want to say sorry to myself….sorry that I don’t get up in the morning just because I am too lazy too,sorry because I can’t stay awake to study but i can too watch movies,sorry because I can’t understand what is important and whats not ,sorry because i give up on everything just because I think my parents will always find me another way

I am so sorry for giving up on you before even realizing who you are.

It’s easy to say sorry to everyone but can you understand what it means to apologise to your self.

No matter what happens ,never give up……be who you are…….. and hey YOU … me

you are worth it!!




words which were never said

stories which were never meant to be

words which have no meaning anymore

hearts which were torn apart

Things which happen for no reason hurt the most.So many questions ,so many answers ,so many sorries,so many feelings…..unexpressed feelings which have no place to go.Music gives an escape to fill the void or the pain.






The Scarlet Scar


As she looks down her hand

she can see it.

A line,a bruise,a cut,a scar

whatever it may be it’s there.

tears swell up in her eyes

she dares to touch it

her small fragile fingers touch the marks

they’re deeper than she thinks

reality hits her as she falters to get up

she gasps for air but in vain

using all her strength she screams

a scream which she herself couldn’t hear

as her head is about to hit the ground in defeat

her eyes open

it was just a dream

she looks down her hand again

a bright scarlet scar stares back at her

a scar which didn’t take her life

but taught her a lesson

a lesson she’ll remember

throughout her precious life